About Us


Established in 1982, Healthworld Gym & Health Club has been providing training, exercise and classes for all ranges of people in Bathurst for many years. An institution in Bathurst that you will discover effective and efficient cardio and strength equipment along with active group exercise programs. Open 24/7.


There are plenty of free weights at Healthworld for you to lift, squat and achieve your gains with.


Workouts on the machines are a great way to ensure you have the right technique and controlled form. Our machines are perfect for anyone looking to train like this.

Cardio Machines

Treadmills, rowers, bikes and more are all available for the avid exerciser looking to lose a few kilos or stay trim and fit.


Healthworld Gym and Health Club in our upstairs section is a dedicated training and class space. Plenty of room, mirrors, weights and bikes you’ll definitely start to get a burn and results.

Boxing and Outdoor Section

Healthworld Gym and Health Club has a mid-sized boxing ring for those that train boxing or martial arts. Feel the ropes on the back, the canvas under your feet or the weight of the heavy bags in our outdoor section.

Why Choose Us?

Healthworld’s fantastic and long standing delivery of gym and health club benefits to the Bathurst community is one that we would encourage anyone to come and checkout for themselves. If you want to learn more or get in contact, please get in touch with us today.